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100% Natural Bamboo Leaf Tea

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Hand-harvested from our own bamboo grove in the Purple Bamboo Valley, our bamboo leaf tea is 100% natural. A popular herbal restorative commonly loved for its light, green taste and caffein-free properties, bamboo leaf tea is a great alternative to caffeinated teas such as green tea and black tea.

Box Content : 2g x 15 sachets


Healthy Skin 

Collagen is a key protein that gives the skin a healthy glow and improves skin elasticity and strength.

Thick & Lustrous Hair

Silica strengthens the hair, prevents thinning, and keeps it shiny. 

Stronger Nails

Increased silica also helps your nails grow stronger and become less prone to breaking. 

Enhanced Bone & Joint Health

Regular silica consumption will improve your bone strength and density, as well as relieve inflammation in the joints for greater joint flexibility.

Brewing Instructions

  1. Steep the teabag in a cup of freshly boiled water for 3 to 5 minutes
  2. Enjoy on its own or with milk, sugar or honey

*Bamboo tea without caffeine is available at any time of the day!


99% Bamboo Leaf Tea, 1% Lemongrass

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Bamboo Leaf Tea?

Bamboo tea is a herbal blend made with bamboo leaves. Bamboo tea is brewed from fresh bamboo leaves that have been dried and are ready to steep into a delicious cup of tea. Can be served both hot and cold.

2. What is the benefit of drinking bamboo tea?

Drinking bamboo tea regularly is said to replenish silica levels that will support collagen production to improve bone health, toughen hair and nails, enrich dental health, make skin more elastic and healthier, and strengthen thinning hair.

3. What does bamboo leaf taste like?

Our bamboo tea has a mild, mildly sweet, nutty flavor that is different from other teas. It can be enjoyed alone or blended with other teas. If you're looking for a caffeine-free alternative, this is a great choice.

4. Can I drink Bamboo Tea every day?

Although bamboo leaf tea is not known to have any side effects, it is still best to consume it in moderation.

If you want good results, drink at least one or two cups per day. However, drink no more than three cups of bamboo tea per day. It takes 2-3 months to see results if you drink daily.

5. How does drinking bamboo leaf tea differ from taking a silica supplement?

As bamboo tea is bioavailable, the natural silica can be absorbed by the body and have an active effect.

6. What is the effect of too much silica in my body system?

No. As long as your body gets what it needs, the excess will be eliminated.

7. When will your order arrive?

The average time for domestic shipping is 3-7 days, while international delivery takes 10-14 days.

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